The Best summer cocktail

frozen paloma

We might be biased but Frozen Palomas are the go-to cocktail for the Summer.   Easy to Make Refreshing Tasty Addictive (in a good way)

Our take on the Paloma

Like a traditional Paloma, there is nothing precious about this blended frozen Paloma.  Simple ingredients and great taste. 

Get the Recipe

Toss one peeled grapefruit into the blender. We like Ruby Red.

Add Tequila - the most important ingredient. Blanco is best.

Now for the "simplest" ingredient - add your simple syrup

And top it off with Sprite or Sprite Zero

Top with Ice which is going to make this Paloma "Frozen"

Time for the Magic. Oh so close to sipping a Frozen Paloma

Add some lime zest to sugar (or salt) and dip your glasses

Pour into two sugar rimmed glasses, sit back and enjoy.

Swipe up for the full recipe and instructions.

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