In order to pick the right tool for the trade, its important to know the blender basics.

There are two basic styles of blender:

  1. The Immersion blender – basically a handheld tool that you can immerse in any container. Doesn’t have the same range of function as a countertop blender.

  2. The countertop blender which is what typically comes to mind for most people when they think of a blender. The base contains the motor and the container can be made of glass, steel, or plastic.

Blenders run the gamut in price and characteristics. Some of the features that you should consider when picking the right blender for you:

  1. Motor / Power
  2. Noise – blenders can be very noisy. Its not normally a big deal considering that they are in use for often less than a minute. Industrial blenders are often quieter but many of the newer high-end blenders claim lower noise levels than previous models.
  3. Settings – more settings does not necessarily mean a better blender. However, having variable speed settings and pulse options help ensure a good blend.
  4. Ease of Cleaning
  5. Container Type – glass are typically sturdier and they don’t discolour whereas plastic can scratch and take on the colour of items that have been blended. Also look at the height of the container (and container + base) to ensure it will fit under your upper cabinets if you choose to store on your countertop.
  6. Container Size – are you looking for a personal sized container to make smoothies on the go or are you looking for a larger container size to provide maximum flexibility. Some blenders, such as the Cuisinart SmartPower  CPB-300 give you multiple options.
  7. Warranty – if you choose to spend $$$ on a blender you will want to ensure a good warranty. Vitamix, as an example, offers a 7 year warranty which provides piece of mind that the investment is worth it.
  8. Tamper – A tamper can make the difference between a good blender and a great blender. Air pockets can form when blending and this often stops the progress. Using a tamper can help you safely get the blending going again.

There are some great blender reviews available on-line: