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The easy and helpful guide to keep your Vitamix Blender clean (Tips & Tricks)

Vitamix vs Other Blenders

One of the best things about Vitamix is that the Vitamix blades are integrated into the blender Jar. There are only 3 pieces, besides the motor base, to keep clean, the Jar, the lid, and the lid plug. Other blenders often have a screw-off blade mechanism which can feel dangerous and also can become a weak point where leaks occur after moderate use. Regardless, always be careful when cleaning around the stainless steel blades as they are very sharp.

With just a few simple tips you can keep your blender container looking brand new.

Clean, Empty Vitamix Professional Series 750 blender on counter

The easiest way to keep your blender clean

The first thing we always recommend is giving your blender a good rinse after using. Perhaps you’ve just made your favorite green smoothie, poured it into a glass, and are getting ready to enjoy it. Take 30 seconds and give it a quick rinse with warm water. If you aren’t in a hurry, then the following steps will help you get your blender clean and ready for its next blend:

  1. Fill the blender jar halfway with warm water and add a drop of dish soap.
  2. Secure the lid and lid plug and place the blender container on the base.
  3. Using the Vitamix Clean Cycle on your blender, turn your blender on.
  4. Let the cleaning cycle finish. It will automatically complete.
  5. Remove blender from the base. Remove lid, pour out the soapy liquid and rinse.

If your blender doesn’t have a cleaning cycle, the steps are similar but you will start the blender on Variable Speed 1 and slowly increase to Variable Speed 10 and then run on high for approximately 60 seconds.

This regular cleaning routine is always a good idea after using your blender. It is a simple process that uses a high speed to help remove stubborn or sticky ingredients. In the majority of cases, you can simply let your blender air dry after completing this cycle.

Give your Blender base a wipe down with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Always ensure the blender is off and unplugged.

The next step for stubborn residue

I have noticed that if I don’t immediately rinse my blender and I let it sit for a long time, especially after making a kale berry smoothie, I will have sticky seeds or smoothie residue that is caked on even after running the cleaning cycle. The best way to address this is to soak the container for a few minutes with warm soapy water and then use a damp cloth and circular motions to clean the inside walls of the container. This should get rid of any remaining residue. If you use anything beyond a cloth to scrub, ensure you are only using a soft bottle brush or pot scrubber to avoid scratching the container.

I have a cloudy blender jar, now what?

Regular Vitamix users will almost inevitably notice that they get a cloudy Vitamix blender jar over time. Heavy use can create a cloudy film; this can be caused by hard water stains or mineral deposits. This isn’t a big deal and there is an effective way to get your cloudy container looking brand new again.

One of the all-time best and cheapest kitchen cleaners – white vinegar – once again comes to the rescue. Do a container soak with warm water and a cup of vinegar and let it sit for 4-5 hours. Then pour it out, rinse and run the clean setting. You can also follow this up with a hand scrub to remove any stubborn stains. No more cloudy Vitamix container!

Warning: Do not put your blender parts in the dishwasher

Unless your Vitamix blender is specifically deemed to be dishwasher safe, do not tempt fate by putting your Vitamix machine in the dishwasher. The end result will be a very sad Vitamix Owner and we don’t want that to happen to you.

You can find out more about which Vitamix blenders can be cleaned on the top rack of the dishwasher on the Vitamix website.

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