In case it isn’t crystal clear after browsing Blenderhappy, we love Vitamix.  If you are shopping for a blender, why not consider a Vitamix? Try the Vitamix Blender Recommender to determine the best Vitamix blender for you and your family.

Check out my post on the 7 reasons I love my Vitamix to see how we use the Vitamix on a regular basis and just how easy it is to make delicious beverages, soups, snacks, and treats. 

Why else do we love Vitamix?

I didn’t even scratch the surface on the first two items when describing why I love my Vitamix. 

  1. Durability & Power – handles tough ingredients like ice, beets, nuts with ease on every blend.  From the 1st blend to the 1000th, my Vitamix Pro 750 has handled these ingredients consistently every time.  If you are going to make an icy margarita, you don’t want to find big chunks of ice in your drink.
  2. Warranty – The Classic Vitamix Blenders had a 7-year warranty and many of the newer series have up to 10 years. The best warranty you’ll likely never need!
  3. Easy to Clean – I don’t know about you but I hate cleaning up after cooking.  The Vitamix blender jar is incredibly easy to clean. Just add a little dish soap and water and run the cleaning cycle.

Our Vitamix Family

In our Kitchen, the Vitamix Pro 750 is king.  We also love, love our Aer Disc Container. It has completely upped our Vitamix-game.  (These are affiliate links which means we may earn money if you make a purchase.  These are the two items we can unabashedly recommend because we use them nearly every day)