Some helpful tips that I’ve learned along the way have made me a more effective blender.  **This page may include affiliate links which means if you click on one of the product links I may receive compensation from the seller. **

Tip No. 1

Liquids go in first. Yes, liquid. Followed by your softer, lighter items and then your frozen items/ice. I’m not sure why but I always thought the right way to do this was ice first since it required the most work to be broken down. The liquid allows the other items to float and not get caught underneath the blades.

Tip No. 2

Always clean your blender straight away if at all possible. The easiest way is to fill with a bit of warm water and a drop of liquid detergent and pulse to clean. If you have  Vitamix Pro 750 you can use the cleaning pre-set.  Rinse with water and you are ready to start blending again. If you can’t clean it immediately, fill it with warm water so that the remnants don’t dry in your blender jar. Check out our Vitamix Cleaning Guide.

Tip No. 3

To avoid any messes, don’t forget to leave some room at the top of the blending container for expansion. Hold the lid down too!

Tip No. 4

Experiment, experiment, experiment! You might just be surprised by what you can make in your blender especially if you have a high powered blender. I never would have guessed that I could make hot soups, dips, dough, grind flours, etc.  I also never would have guessed how many different appliances or kitchen accessories I could live without once I had a good blender.  Check out why I love my Vitamix for more inspiration.

Tip No. 5

Make room for your blender on your kitchen counter. If it is insight, you’ll be far more likely to use it on a regular basis. No one wants to dig around in the cupboard for it and then have to put it away again after a simple blend.