Making snacks, beverages and meals doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Take the blender out of storage and give it a prominent place on your kitchen counter. We use our Vitamix Pro 750 blender to test most of these recipes but any high-powered blender should be able to achieve similar results. Let’s get started!

Our most popular recipes over the last 90 days:

Smoothies and Bowls

We love smoothies whether sipping through a straw or spooning from a bowl~!

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Winter Warming Drinks (Non Alcoholic)

Warm beverages are perfect for cozy winter evenings at home or pour in a travel mug and take them on the go. Hot Chocolates, non-traditional lattes, and ciders are perfect for this time of year.

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About Jenn, Blender Happy Recipe Creator

Blender Enthusiast / Cocktail Taster

My name is Jenn and I live in Ontario, Canada with my husband and 14-year old daughter. I am an aspiring chef but most of all, I love using my blender to make icy drinks and yummy treats. Most of the recipes I share will use a blender but all of the recipes shared are easy to make.

Blender Soups, Dips and Snacks

You might be surprised by what you can make in your blender or food processor.

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