Growing up the blender was pushed to the back of the cupboard that held all those appliances that my dad bought my mom for various holidays. (He was, and continues to be, misguided but with the best intentions)

I can remember exactly one time that we convinced mom to pull it out to make us milkshakes. It was ugly.  An avocado green color that matched the fridge and stove in our kitchen…remember, I grew up in the 80s. This wasn’t last week.

Fast forward a number of years and the blender popped up again when I was 19 and moving into my first apartment with my university girlfriends. Every item in the place was a hand me down and looked like we were still in the ‘80s except for the brand new TV/VCR combo (1998) and the sparkling new blender that one of my roommates swore would make us great party hosts.

It sure looked good. I can’t remember the brand but nice streamlined black base and a solid glass container Looks can be deceiving. No matter the claims, that thing could not blend ice to save its life.

Over the years I have had no less than 10 blenders – all shapes and sizes and all promising me that they are going to do it all, including grinding that ice to make the best margarita. I finally found the one – the Vitamix Pro 750.  Not only is it good looking (in my opinion) but it does everything I could ever want. Is it cheap? No, but when I compare it to all the money I’ve spent over the years it certainly isn’t that expensive.

With all the talk and focus on smoothies, the blender has become a critical kitchen staple. It is no longer an appliance that gets used once a year and gathers dust for the other 364 days. Find a space on your countertop, get your icebox filled and get ready to make some tasty and easy drinks, soups, smoothies, and desserts. With the right tool, you can do it all. We’ve got easy blender recipes to get you started.

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