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10 refreshing blended drinks for summer

Summer Blended Drinks – Part Two

It is a Saturday afternoon and the sun is shining. Are you feeling a little thirsty and wondering what would quench your thirst? Well I have a great list of non-alcoholic refreshing blended drinks you can make easily in your blender using ingredients ranging from watermelon to mango to espresso. They will leave you cool and refreshed and can be easily made in the blender. In my humble opinion, there is nothing more satisfying that sipping on a cold, icy drink and reading a book with the sun shining down on you.  I’ll be spending my weekend sipping on these delicious drinks from some of my favourite food bloggers.

  1. Watermelon Mint Cooler from Veggies Don’t BiteWatermelon Mint Cooler from Veggies Don't Bite
  2. 4 Ingredients Ice Strawberry Slush from Watch What U EatStrawberry Slush by Watch What U Eat
  3. Horchata Cinnamon Rice Milk from Savory ToothHorchata: Cinnamon Rice Milk by Savory Tooth
  4. Watermelon Agua Fresca from Salu Salo RecipesWatermelon Agua Fresca by Salu Salo Recipes
  5. Cucumber Grapefruit Juice from Blender HappyCucumber grapefruit juice with a touch of ginger is a super simple, light and refreshing juice that will quench your thirst and leave you hydrated.
  6. Strawberry Basil Lemonade from Ciao FlorentinaStrawberry Basil Lemonade from Ciao Florentina
  7. Sparkling Mango Mint Lemonade from Happy and HarriedMango Mint Lemonade from Happy and Harried
  8. Roasted Peach and Strawberry Fizz from Use Your NoodlesRoasted Peach and Strawberry Fizz from Use Your Noodles
  9. Homemade Cherry Slurpee from Kleinworth & Co.Homemade Cherry Slurpee from Kleinworth & Co
  10. S’mores Iced Coffee from Show Me The YummyS'mores Iced Coffee from Show Me The Yummy

Thirst quenched yet? Did you try them all?  If you are looking for more caffeinated summer drinks, check out Part One of the Summer Blended Drinks series.


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    1. Thanks Jennifer – I love you recipe and you were bang on about the weather today. The blender is working overtime.

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