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Pumpkin Seed Brittle in under 10 minutes

Pumpkin Seed Brittle is a tasty and simple recipe ready to enjoy in minutes.

Pumpkin seed brittle is a tasty and simple recipe that will be enjoyed by all.

I love Peanut Brittle (and now Pumpkin Seed Brittle) and have been making it for so long that I have the recipe memorized and no longer need the handwritten recipe card that I painstakingly copied from the recipe book that came with my mom’s first microwave. For anyone keeping track, that was one of the many appliances my dad bought for my mom for Christmas over the years. 

I always make the Peanut Brittle at the holidays and thought it would be great to switch it up and use pumpkin seeds instead of peanuts, given some of my closest friends have peanut allergies. I tried messing with the recipe and adding pumpkin puree to the mix, but after numerous tries, it was tasty but never set quite right; I’ve gone back to the oldie-but-goodie recipe.

You really can’t get any easier than this treat. 

Step 1: One cup white sugar and 1/2 cup corn syrup heated in the microwave.

Step 2: Add the pepitas/pumpkin seeds and heat again.  Stir in butter and vanilla and heat for the last time.  

Step 3: Add baking soda and stir.

I love how quickly the mixture turns frothy – this means it is ready to be poured onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Be careful when pouring as the mixture is extremely hot and will burn if it touches your skin.  Don’t stir – but do gently shift the baking sheet from side to side to spread the mixture. 

pumpkin seed brittle poured on parchment paper

It will start to harden immediately. In just 5 to 10 minutes, it should fully set and be ready to enjoy.  Your bowl will also likely be crusted in this hard candy, but don’t worry; just soak it in warm water, and it will be easy to clean.  Peanut brittle or pumpkin seed brittle can make a great gift – for friends, family, teachers, or colleagues for any holiday or reason. 

Pumpkin seed brittle is a tasty and simple recipe that will be enjoyed by all.

Pumpkin Seed Brittle

Prep Time: 3 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds
Additional Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 38 minutes 30 seconds

Pumpkin seed brittle is a tasty and simple recipe that provides a seasonal riff on peanut brittle.


  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 cup shelled pumpkin seeds/pepitas
  • 1 tsp vegan margarine, or butter
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp baking soda


  1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  2. Add sugar and corn syrup to a glass microwave safe bowl and mix. Make sure it is big enough as it is the only dish you’ll use to mix up this recipe.
  3. Microwave sugar mixture for 3 minutes on high and carefully remove.
  4. Add pumpkin seeds, stir and microwave again for 1 1/2 minutes.
  5. Now stir in vegan margarine (or butter) and vanilla. Microwave for an additional minute.
  6. Now time for the magic to happen. Remove bowl from microwave and add the baking soda. Stir until mixture is light and foamy.
  7. Being careful with the glass bowl, pour the foamy mixture onto the prepped cookie sheet.
  8. Pick up the cookie sheet and gently tilt from side to side to spread the mixture. Do not stir.
  9. Allow the mixture to cool.
  10. Break into smaller pieces and enjoy.


For an extra treat, try dipping the piece half into melted chocolate.

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    1. Thanks Danielle! This recipe has become second nature to me that I actually had to stop and think about the measurements in order to write it down 🙂

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